Custom made batteries

With over 30 years of experience in the battery industry, our specialists can replicate almost any original battery for underground waste container systems. In our current product range, we have successfully reproduced the batteries for BWaste, CHIPLOCK 3.0, CHIPLOCK 4.0 and MIC-O-DATA. 

Research & development

To ensure the best possible battery for your specific underground waste container system, we start with an intensive research. If possible, our research team  would like to receive detailed product information and multiple pictures of the original product. Please contact us for more information about our research and development service.

Customer Service

After creating the custom made battery. we will send a batch for you to test in the underground waste containers. When satisfied, we can start producing more batches. Our services are aimed at relieving customers. During and after the process of research, development and testing our team will be available at any time.

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Requesting a quotation for any of our products is possible by sending us an e-mail or to contact us by telephone. We are available for direct contact on the usual business hours. Click on the button below to visit our Request Quotation page.

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