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Taurac is a brand for custom made batteries and fire safety products. Taurac is owned by Raca Group: a wholesale company based in The Netherlands.

The Taurac brand and the parent company Raca Group are based in Hillegom in the Netherlands.

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Waste Container Batteries

Underground waste containers are a modern marvel in waste management solutions, revolutionizing the way we handle urban waste. These innovative containers, often equipped with advanced technology, efficiently store and manage waste while minimizing visual clutter in urban areas. One of the key features of these underground systems is their integration with waste container batteries. These batteries power the compacting and lifting mechanisms, ensuring the containers’ smooth operation without the need for extensive electrical infrastructure. By harnessing the capabilities of waste container batteries, we not only streamline the waste collection process but also reduce our carbon footprint. Underground waste containers represent a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing approach to waste management, where technology and environmental responsibility converge for a cleaner, more efficient future.


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