Our services are aimed at helping customers. We offer a search service when it comes to finding the right battery for a specific underground container system. Furthermore, it is our specialization to create custom batteries. If you are looking for a waste container system battery that is not yet available in our product range, please feel free to contact us.

We also handle the shipping of batteries from A to Z. We possess the knowledge an documentation to ship any type of battery according to regulations to any country in Europe and beyond. After the order is completed, our salespeople remain available for questions.

Custom made batteries - how does it work?

With over 30 years of experience in the battery industry, we are specialized in Custom Made Batteries. We manufacture all kinds of batteries for various industries, such as medical and fire protection. To make a battery for underground container system, we require the specifications and pictures of the original battery.

Find your battery

Over the last years, we have found that it can be difficult for underground waste container owners to find new batteries to replace the original ones. In some cases, the original batteries are no longer available at all. At, we offer the service of finding (or building) replacement batteries for any type of waste container system. If you provide us with the information our specialists need, we will find (or build) the right batteries for your system.